Holy Family
Church Blue Water

A Church in Unity, Praying from Home

We are called to be on a journey together
to experience and explore God
as revealed through the Spirit of Jesus Christ
and to model that God is present 
and active in our world, in our lives
and in our hearts.



115 N 6th Street
St. Clair, Michigan
Telephone: (810) 329-3821
Email: episcopaliansrising@gmail.com
Holy Family Blue Water Episcopal Church is able to continue its ministries as a result of the generosity of people like you. Please, remember us in your prayers and in your financial support.  The Diocese of Eastern Michigan has created an electronic tool to help us in receiving your financial support.  Click on this link, scroll down to St Clair, Holy Family Blue Water and follow the simple directions.  All will be well. Bless you.   http://givingtools.com/give/1281/2196    

Service Information

In response to the directives of our Michigan Episcopal Diocesan Leaders, and the council of our parish Vestry, we will  continue to suspended services until it is considered safe for us to return with caution. We are currently in Phase I.5, which restricts our gathering in-person. 
Here is a link to the directive titled Plan for Re-Entry for Great Lakes Episcopalians.
We will continue being faithful in prayer and invite all who would pray with us to join our Livestream services on our Facebook page, Holy Family Episcopal Church.
Sunday worship services at 8:30 (traditional Morning Prayer) and 9:30 (Morning Pray in Place with music)
Monday thru Friday Noonday Prayer at 12:00
Please, see our Facebook page  (Holy Family Episcopal Church) for more information or contact us at:

Rev. David Vickers

The Rev David L Vickers is priest and pastor of Holy Family Episcopal Church. He lives with Barbara, their two children and assorted four legged animals. He enjoys writing music for worship, engaging in spiritual conversation, communing with friends and family and being outdoors. The focus of his ministry is to work with others to create viable communities of faith and transformation that love God and neighbor as self.

Rev. David Vickers


If you find that you are looking for God, but find the times we live in to be making it difficult for you to pray and feel God’s presences in ways that give you a sense of peace, hope and joy. then we invite you to join us for prayer and meditation, for thanksgiving and for renewal. As a people of faith, we follow the teachings of Jesus to love God and our neighbor as we love ourselves. As Episcopalians, we covenant to seek and serve Christ in everyone and to respect the dignity of every human person. As a people of integrity, we strive to live our faith in tangible and meaningful ways that contribute to our common good and the wellness of all. Your heartfelt presence among us would be a gift and a blessing.




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