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Next Vestry Meeting is Tuesday, AUgust 15 at 6:30 p.m.

Finance committee meeting is Tuesday, August 15th at 5:30pm


Prayer Partners

Bishop Singh, as part  of the Diocesan Season of Practice, was looking to find more ways to build connections and relationships across the geographic boundaries within Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan. 

In the Building Bridges Listening Sessions that took place earlier this year, there was heard many commonalities, some curiosities, and a loud call for greater opportunity to meet one another and pray for one another. And so, when the Rev. Jerry Lasley (St. Christopher's, Grand Blanc) came to our Eastern Michigan Diocesan Council with a proposal for bi-diocesan prayer partners, our Building Bridges group enthusiastically endorsed the idea, now inviting us all to a new initiative: Congregational Prayer Partners. 

The committees have partnered up all of our communities into pairs or triads, taking care to partner congregations that have different contexts from one another. To participate, they ask that we include a specific prayer for our partner(s) during our Sunday Prayers of the People. They hope we will go beyond Sunday prayer, perhaps engaging with our partnering community through things like online Bible Study or features in our parish newsletter. Perhaps we make one Sunday a pulpit swap or plan a day when we worship together in the same place. Perhaps we plan to attend a baseball game together. The possibilities are endless and the potential for learning and connection are boundless. How we engage this invitation will be unique for each partnership- everyone is excited by the possibilities

Anyone interested in joining this ministry contact a vestry member or the church office.


Our Prayer Partner

Our Prayer Partner is St. John’s Episcopal Church, Grand Haven, Michigan,  Jared Cramer, Priest.



  115 N. Sixth Street

St. Clair, MI 48079 

Phone: 810-329-3821





Upcoming Services

08/06/2023 Holy Eucharist Rite 2 at 9:30 a.m.     
            Officiant: Rev Fred Harms
08/13//2023 Morning Prayer Rite 1 at 9:30 a.m.  
              Officiant: Maggie Heaslip, Worship Leader
08/16/2023 Morning Prayer Rite 2 at 9:30 a.m.  
              Officiant: Lorna MacDonald, Worship Leader
08/27/2023 Holy Eucharist Rite 1 at 9:30 a.m.    
             Officiant: Rev. Tim Roehrs


A Prayer for Guidance as We Begin the Search for a New Priest

Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on
your Church, and so guide the minds of those who shall
choose rector for this parish,
that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will care for your
people and equip us for our ministries, through Jesus Christ
our Lord. Amen.





Thrift Shop New Hours


The Thrift Shop is now open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11  a.m. until 3 p.m.



You are the caller                                       You are the poor

You are the stranger                     At my door

You are the wanderer                                 The unfed

You are the homeless                                 With no bed

You are the man                                         Driven insane

You are the child                                         Crying in pain

You are the other                                        Who comes to me

If I open to another                                     You are born in me


Thought to Ponder: 

When we say LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR - do we mean it?

No matter their mental health challenge

No matter their immigration status

No matter their sexual orientation

No matter their economic status

No matter their gender identity

No matter their disability

No matter their religion

No matter their race


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