Holy Family Invites You to an Online Bible Study  

Holy Family Bible Study:  “Exploring the Bible”                                                                                   

Schedule:  Tuesday Mornings at 10:00 a.m. beginning June 2, 2020

Content:  Join us as we explore together some of the following questions: What is the significance of the bible stories?  What is the source of scripture?  How were the books of the bible chosen? Are there other books that were not chosen and why?  Who is Jesus, what are his teachings, and how does his ministry fit in with the entire biblical story, as well as our story?

Outline:  5-6 one hour weekly sessions. No books are necessary.  A suggested reading list will be provided along with an outline of the entire session.

Accessibility: The sessions will be held online using Zoom.  Zoom is a user friendly meeting platform.  It is free and there is no need for a personal Zoom account.  Participants will receive a weekly email invitation to join each session.  The email will contain a link and a phone number to the respective session.  To join, participants simply click on the link provided in the email invitation or call in using the phone umber provided. Zoom meetings can be accessed using a computer, cell phone, tablet computer or landline. 

Instructor:  Lorna MacDonald

Lorna is an active member and contributor on the leadership team at Holy Family, St. Clair, Michigan.  She has extensive experience and training in numerous ministries in the Episcopal Church.  She was the former Parish Administrator of St. Mark’s Church in Marine City, Michigan. She has participated in ministry, liturgical, and scriptural studies at the Episcopal Church’s Colombiere Education and Retreat Center in Clarkston, Michigan.

In organizing this opportunity, Lorna related, “I am seeking to provide an experience for participants to journey through some of the key Christian concepts of the bible. And, given the current circumstances, hope to provide an alternative opportunity for fellowship and connectedness.  I am excited to share the themes of this study, as well as facilitate an experience that will not only enhance current relationships, but will welcome and develop new ones.” 

To Participate:  Contact Lorna MacDonald at 810-794-2155 or at lornajmacdonald@comcast.net 

Lorna will sign up interested participants, provide assistance on how to use the Zoom platform, and/or answer any questions about the study. For those interested who do not have internet/email, access to each session can be gained by phone, just let Lorna know when you contact her.


Every seeker of knowledge is welcome to join.  This is not limited to Holy Family parishioners; all are welcome and all are welcome to invite others and share this invitation. There is no cost to participate.